Malls wanting to market to Millennials need to add more dining and entertainment venues

Posted by: Jeff Fromm


While it’s not uncommon to Millennials with their phone practically glued to their hands, that doesn’t mean they’re going to abandon brick-and-mortar shopping destinations in favor of shopping on their mobile phones.

Last week, the Urban Land Institute released a survey showing that Millennials still prefer malls over mobile shopping, largely because of the social and entertainment aspects.

Here are some tidbits about Millennial marketing from the survey:

  • 37 percent of Gen Y consumers said they love shopping
  • 48 percent of Millennial consumers said they enjoy shopping
  • 70 percent of females surveyed said they view shopping “a form of entertainment and something to share with friends and family”
  • 50 percent of men surveyed said they view shopping as entertainment and a social activity
  • Discount department stores are the retail destination Gen Y consumers shop at most
  • 45 percent said they spend more than an hour a day looking at retail websites
  • 46 percent said they dine out with others at least once a week
  • 25 percent said they dine out with others several times a week

While malls seem like inherently social atmospheres, mall owners may want to consider adding more restaurants and entertainment-geared businesses in order to continue to attract this cohort.

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