Restaurants can market to Millennials by embracing food truck trends

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Millennials love affordable adventure. For some Millennials, “adventure” can be spelled “food truck.”

My colleague Andrea Carroll recently wrote a post for about how fast casual restaurants are working to draw in the Millennial crowd by adding food truck-inspired items to their menus.

Here’s a look at what she wrote:

Although the age of grab-and-go is upon us, sit-down restaurants like On The Border are capitalizing on street-style food truck trends. On The Border’s Street-Style Mini Tacos, available with fajita steak, chicken or roasted pork and topped with grilled onion and jack cheese, are earning affectionately articulate Urbanspoon reviews such as, “Mmmmm.”

More than any other demographic, Millennials are scrambling for street-side treats. According to a YAYA (youth and young adult) Wire feature, Millennials can’t get enough of food trucks for five key reasons:

  • The food is inexpensive and locations are convenient
  • Trucks provide an interesting array of food options
  • Millennials respond well to food trucks with a heavy social media presence (“We’ll be parked on the corner of 9th and Jefferson at 4:30pm!”)
  • Food truck meals provide a fun, unique social experience
  • The small, mobile businesses allow for a more personalized interaction that keeps them coming back

Perhaps most importantly, street foods are often seen as more authentic. Consumers feel as though they’re getting “the real deal,” rather than settling for a right-off-the-line dish from a casual dining restaurant.

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