Chipotle Embraces Trends in Millennial Marketing

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Millennials seek adventure not only in their activities but in their eating. This month, Chipotle is launching their 20th anniversary treasure hunt titled, “Adventurrito.” The 20-day-long treasure hunt beginning July 13, 2013 consists of daily puzzles for followers to solve and a shot at the grand prize: free burritos for 20 years.

As a Millennial and an avid Chipotle consumer, I find Adventurrito to be brilliant. The countdown on the website to this anniversary event gives Millennials anticipation and excitement for July 13th. Another key aspects of this Generation-Y trend are the daily sweepstakes: one consumer entered in the contest wins free burritos for a year and each of the nineteen days leading up to the grand prize, twenty winners will win something from Chipotle.Chipotle Treasure

According to Jeff Fromm’s “New Definition of Brand Value, the functional, emotional and participative benefits divided by the price show the value of the brand. Millennial are gaining functional benefits from the simple registration process through Chipotle’s website. The ability to share their excitement and registration through social media improves the odds of winning giving Millennials emotional and participative benefits.

If this isn’t enough adventure for you, Chipotle is hosting the “Cultivate Food, Ideas & Music Festival.” This year, San Francisco, Denver and Chicago are hosting the festival. Each location features at least two bands or musicians performing accompanied with well-known chefs from around the country.

Chipotle is hitting the trends of Millennials spot on. Their website is interactive, they’re obvious on social media and best of all, they make each consumer feel a part of the Chipotle experience in or out of the store.

Picture credit: Michael Brooks Jr.

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