Lowe’s, Chipotle and Other Brands Use Video For Effective Millennial Marketing

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Video advertising has become a hot topic in the marketing world.  Now, more than ever, brands are turning to platforms that allow them to leverage social media to increase the number of impressions among Millennials.  Videos are an effective marketing tool because they engage Millennials in a way that we have not seen before.

Why is video marketing so successful with Millennials?

1.  Video marketing encourages creativity

Millennials are a creative generation.  They value brands that provide them with opportunities to express themselves in an innovative way that is outside of the box.  Instagram is an outlet that encourages Millennial to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.  Part of the experience of Instagram is experimenting with the various filters a means of creative expression.

2. Videos that are shareworthy are time-worthy

Videos that have a specific message have a greater chance of going viral because they engage Millennials. Vine is a new platform that is taking short and to the point to a whole new level.  The most successful brand vines are no longer than six seconds and have a very clear message that encourages participation.

3. Brands are keeping community in mind when creating video content

Millennials want to be a part of a community, not an outsider looking in.  Videos that connect with Millennials in a familiar way make Millennials feel like the brand is speaking directly to them.  If they feel personally connected to the video then they will share it with their followers.  

Brands that are successfully embracing video marketing:

Starbucks – Starbucks is one of the top brands utilizing Instagram.  They connect with Millennials by encouraging them to share their experiences.  This holiday season, Starbucks has created a new campaign where followers post their pictures and videos of their classic, red Starbucks cups using the hashtags #sharejoy and #redcup.

Lowe’s Home Improvement – Lowe’s released its “Fix in Six” campaign earlier this year.  The campaign features six-second vines of home improvement tips using stop motion techniques.  The campaign was received very favorably and only cost $5,000 to produce.

Chipotle –Chipotle recently released a new YouTube video that has gone viral. “The Scarecrow” attacks the food processing industry in an attempt to promote its local, organic ingredients.  Although longer than other videos, “The Scarecrow” has received more than 7 million views and aligns with Millennial values.

In this day and age, a brand having a Facebook and twitter page is not enough.  Video marketing allows brands to create content that Millennials can interact with.  The opportunity to be a co-creator is important to Millennials and the brands that can successfully create content with their consumers and not for their consumers will win.  Online video marketing is now providing opportunities for brands to engage in an active dialogue with Millennials.

Leah Swartz contributed to this post. 

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