Babes with Babies: How Millennial Moms Shop Part 2

Posted by: Cherryh Butler

Although millennial moms still want to be fashion forward, they have to share their “me time” with their children. Motherhood has changed not only their careers and social lives, but it’s also transformed their shopping patterns, according to a recent study by People StyleWatch.

As we discussed in Part 1 of this blog, non-millennial moms, which are called “emerging professionals,” can spend time deal hunting and learning the season’s trends. Time, however, is a luxury that moms can no longer afford to spend on investigating fashion trends. They demand fast, convenient shopping experiences that will also keep them from donning the dreaded “mom jeans.”

While moms lack time, emerging professionals lack funds. Retailers who understand the difference between the two millennial female groups will win their business. Below are a few ways to help business owners pull that off.

1. Incorporate technology.

When moms shop in the store they need their questions answered quickly. Develop an app or touchscreen stations for the store that can provide product info or prompt a 6150487238_f49977e390_zsalesperson to find them.

To reach the non-mommy shopper, smart retailers will develop flash sales apps or use geolocation to push text offers when consumers are near the store.

2. Give them confidence.

Because moms are so busy, they often feel old, out dated and behind on trends. Help them feel good about their purchases by showcasing multiple ways to create looks, have magazines lying around for ideas or show how-to videos of other moms wearing the looks you sell.

Emerging professionals also want to feel confident about their purchases, but they are concerned with finding the best deal. They’ll feel better about spending money when they receive coupons or special text offers.

3. Make them feel good.

Having children has nothing to do with empowering women and making them feel 7449539708_accc42f4b3_zimportant to their peers. All millennials want to share their lives with their friends and will participate in your marketing if you offer them shareworthy experiences. Give them something to talk about, whether it’s photos of a fashion show held in your store or a
BOGO deal they must tweet to their friends.

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