The Millennial Minute: How to Reimagine Business Innovation

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

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Alright, Mr. or Mrs. Tactical Innovation Question, a couple thoughts.

First, innovation is defined as the useful new, emphasis on useful. Today’s modern consumer wants more useful brands that move beyond their basic authority to create game changing opportunities for me to simplify my life and for me to be able to complete the tasks I need to do more efficiently.

As I think about innovation, I think about disruptive innovation. I think hard about two key questions. The first is, “Is the idea I am pursuing, in our brand authority? Is it something that could absolutely be executed within the existing brand framework?” Second, “Can we afford to make the bet? Can we afford to try it?”

Successful innovation is about moving beyond sustaining basic, agile innovation to things that are disruptive, game changing, opportunities to reset the table and create extraordinary value by being useful.

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