The Millennial Minute: How to Attract Millennial Employees

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

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There are an awful lot of millennials starting their careers and they have different expectations about work. They want access to information. They want a behind-the-scenes view of what’s happening at your company. They want training. They’ll probably ask for their raise on the third or fourth day on the job, but that’s okay, you’ll get past that.

Their main expectation, though, is around fairness and intrapreneurialism. Intrapreneurialism is a mouthful, but they’re looking to be in a thriving environment where they get to contribute, where they get to make a difference, and where they are continually having access to coaching. This mentorship, this coaching is going to continuously foster their career.

Their career may not span decades at your company, in fact it probably won’t, but they’ll tell their friends who will come work for you. You are looking for their best thinking, their productivity and their hard work – while they’re there. As you think about this, it may be a new sheriff in town but the reality is, this millennial employee is going to drive change and they expect different things.

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