Millennial Trends from the Wedding Industry

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Millennials are getting married in fewer numbers and later in life than previous generations. They also have very different views of marriage than their parents, which lead to different expectations of the whole wedding planning process.  Beth Gerstein, co-founder and CEO of Brilliant Earth, an ethically sourced jewelry company, shared some insights on Jeff Fromm’s column on Forbes that she has seen in the wedding industry.

  1. The wedding planner: On top of working with both the bride and the groom, who are often planning collaboratively in addition to paying for it themselves, wedding planners need to make the event a unique experience, worthy of the couple’s wedding hashtag. Millennials will have seen plenty of weddings on Instagram and Facebook, so it’s the wedding planner’s job to raise the bar, know the couple’s preferences and values and make their special day their own.
  2. The gift registry: Since Millennials are getting married later in life they are most likely set up in terms of homegoods. Gerstein found that many Millennials are ditching the traditional home good registry and opting for online stores like Amazon or stores that speak to their personal interest, often opting for a donation to a cause that is important to the couple rather than a physical gift. There is also a shift from traditional gift sets like expensive china to tech savvy gifts like wireless speakers or home gadgets.
  3. The venue: Millennials are ditching the traditional church and reception hall in favor or something more unique. Industrial spaces, picturesque landscapes and destination weddings are becoming the norm.
  4. The ring: Millennials have a strong sense of social responsibility and care about how and where their products are sourced. They are more likely than other generations to indicate that ethical sourcing is a key consideration when purchasing an engagement ring. Some Millennials are even ditching the traditional diamond ring for alternatives like silicon rings that are more comfortable and durable.
  5. The honeymoon: We know Millennials want to have a unique and meaningful experience and what better opportunity than on the honeymoon. They are utilizing sites like Honeyfund or Zola to address their desire for unique and meaningful experiences rather than “stuff.” These sites allow guests to contribute money to pay for experiences on their honeymoon.

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