How Thoughtfully Organized Content Can Inspire Millennials to Buy

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

By Josh Carlyle

What inspires millennials to buy and what drives their brand engagement? Well, it’s not enough that you have a presence on the digital channels. It also requires creating valuable content and publishing it on different channels in a way that engages your audience.

One of the main challenges is to gain consumers’ trust. People have a tendency to trust recommendations from friends and family more than any claims made by the brand. As many as 84 percent of millennials also report that user-generated content on a company’s website can influence what they buy. This creates an incentive for you as a marketer to engage your audience as much as possible. Millennials are often willing to promote products or services on social media in exchange for rewards.


Here is a list of things to consider when creating marketing content for millennials:

Let them experience your brand on their terms

Millennials want to choose how they’re spending time with your brand. You should, therefore, create new opportunities that allow them to experience your brand on their own terms. Millennials aren’t interested in receiving brand messages that they’re not seeking out themselves.

The traditional way is to think about marketing as a way of communicating a message to your target audience. But it means your messages are limited to one medium. Millennials are digital natives and want to experience brands in a fluid way. This has transformed the market, as it’s no longer limited to one medium.


Develop an agile content marketing strategy


To generate a positive response from millennials, you need to focus your marketing efforts on creating agile content. This type of content enables you to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends. Make sure to utilize data when you’re developing new content marketing strategies. You need to think fast and continually revise the content that you release for your customers.


Pay attention to social media marketing


There are an estimated 3.03 billion active social media users around the world. It’s thus not surprising that people share more content on social media than ever before. Despite recent claims about a decline in popularity, social media marketing still has immense potential. It makes sense to create brand awareness on a platform where people actually spend their time.

Once you have established your target audience and learned which social media platform they use, you can develop an effective strategy. Companies that have different target markets shouldn’t follow the exact same tactics. It’s all about finding out what works best for your specific business and demographics.


Focus on authentic, user-generated content


The times of hard selling are over. Marketing strategies that allow consumers to make their own decisions are more effective with millennials. Cooperation with influencers is one way to do it. When a product or service is being promoted by a person who is respected among consumers, it has a stronger impact.

Authentic, user-generated content is important because it makes users feel like they’re part of an online community. Consumers’ attitudes are influenced by people who are relatable and have earned a level of trust. Many purchasing decisions are determined by user feedback. Given this, you should create transparent campaigns to build strong relationships with millennials.


Make your content clear and well-structured


Another important requirement for your content is clarity. An audience that doesn’t understand your content isn’t going to convert. Consumers expect to find a recognizable structure that includes an intro, a body, and a conclusion. Structure matters as it helps your audience organize the content in their heads.

You should also ensure that your copy is always polished. If your content could use some enhancement, there are many tools and services available. For example, you can check Grammarly, Handmade Writing, or Hemingway App.

It’s possible to convert millennials by creating engaging content. In fact, 90 percent of search engine users haven’t made up their mind about a specific brand before they start their search. User-generated content, in particular, is a fast and cost-effective way to increase your conversion rates.

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