Targeting Millennials? Try Tumblr

Posted by: Carolyn Cohen

Tumblr has seen its growth skyrocket as a blogging platform. There are more than 102 million Tumblr blogs and the site received 29 million unique visitors.Tumblr defines itself as a place where “you can effortlessly share anything” and more and more brands are jumping on the Tumblr bandwagon to reach audiences in more creative ways.

The Tumblr Audience
According to ComScore, the Tumblr audience is very dedicated. The  Tumblr audience spent an average of 145 minutes on Tumblr and viewed an average 30 pages per visit. So they are engaged, but who are they? With 22% of users under 18 and 46% between 18-34, Tumblr is a hot spot for Millennials. Many of their users reach Tumblr via mobile, which accounts for 16% of its traffic.


This graph depicts the age demographics of the Tumblr audience. (Source: Quantcast)

How Brands are using Tumblr
Just about every category is represented on Tumblr, and some of the “best of” brand blogs can be found on Brands on Tumblr. Movie studios have used Tumblr to promote fan art and give them exclusives. Coca-Cola created a Tumblr to continue its “Open Happiness” campaign where they share both fan-created images and branded images. Retail brands have also jumped on in creative ways. Target Style highlights how you can style their affordable items, while Saks Fifth Avenue has an entire blog dedicated to shoes.

Why Use Tumblr?
Tumblr is a visual blog. For a visual brand, it is the ultimate photo, video, and GIF-sharing tool. Tumblr is also a fan-driven network. Fan sites can be found for just about everything. A final piece to consider: ads. Tumblr offers just a few, but very effective ad placements within the sites. Since the ads are only one to a page, they offer a very focused audience to advertisers. As Tumblr grows in traffic and users, it will become harder for brands to ignore.

So, we’re curious: what brands have you noticed using Tumblr to attract a Millennial audience?

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