Boomers overwhelmed by the new media options for connecting with Millennials

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

Earlier this week, Bonnie Fuller, the editor-in-chief for, wrote a guest post for Ad Age about marketing to Millennials.

Her point was simple.

Baby Boomers have a hard time understanding how to connect with Millennials. She wrote:

 I’ve been in numerous meetings with baby boomers who admit they feel overwhelmed by all their new media options. Many don’t understand the difference between small, personal blogs; aggregator sites that have little engagement with visitors; and original-content sites like BuzzFeed, Thrillist, YourTango, JustJared, Jezebel and HelloGiggles.

It’s true. Millennials are pros at creating and consuming online content, and there are a lot of sites to keep track of. (Though, I’ll admit it: I’m a Millennial. Before reading her piece, I’d never heard of three of the sites she mentioned.)

Thought Catalog

Sixty percent of Millennials upload content including upload online content, including photos, videos, wiki entries, blog posts, micro-blogposts and product/service reviews, according to research by Barkley in conjunction with Boston Consulting Group and SMG.

So, companies need to hang out where Millennials hang out online. One company I’ve noticed doing a good job with this is State Farm Insurance. State Farm has written sponsored posts on, which is a repository of essays written mostly by and for Millennials.

For example, State Farm sponsored a post last month entitled, “6 Responsible Adult Things You Should Be Doing.” QuantCast data estimates that receives 2.1 million unique visitors each month.

In her guest column on Ad Age, Fuller talked to execs at companies like Buzzfeed, YourTango and Thrillist to discuss how brands can better market to Millennials.

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