Spotify, BuzzFeed and Elite Daily Rank High on the List of Most Popular Millennial Websites

Posted by: Jason Parks

You won’t be hard pressed to walk inside your local Starbucks down the street and find a millennial glued to their smartphone sending out a tweet or taking the latest BuzzFeed quiz that popped up on their newsfeed. Millennials are a generation that grew up with the Oregon Trail computer game and Mario Cart on Nintendo 64. They found their information on Google instead of asking a neighbor. Essentially, digital connectedness has been ingrained into a millennial’s mindset since they were children (some were even born into it!). Even though older generations tend to bash millennials for being glued to their devices, the wealth of information obtained through technology is undeniable and has started the transition our market into an age of AgileData.

A recent study from comScore found that 18 percent of millennials are mobile-only web users, compared to only 5 percent of people ages 35 to 54. states that Millennials spend 18 hours a day consuming media — and it’s mostly content created by their millennial peers.

Below is a list of some of the most popular websites amongst Millennials. We already know that millennials flock to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so we wanted to learn more about where else they are going. When a site utilizes digital social connections, incorporates sharing platforms for articles, video content or music media, millennials are on board and signed in.


Youtube is now the go-to source for entertainment now that millennials watch at least one video per day. Overwhelmingly, online videos continue to be a popular part of Millennials lives and a staple in their daily activities. According to, YouTube reaches almost 50 percent of the 18- to 34-year-old population! The real question will be: By 2020, how many Millennials will completely cut the cord and no longer have cable and a television but rather consume all media through their computer and smartphone?


Today, nearly eight out of ten millennials listen to Internet radio. As a company, Spotify understands what Millennials want when it comes to music content: high-definition tracks, the ability to curate music playlists, discover new artists and a way to share all of it with their friends. Spotify satisfies all these music requirements and is the preferred millennial choice for accessing the coolest tracks.


BuzzFeed is now more popular among millennials compared to traditional TV networks like FOX, NBC and CBS. BuzzFeed was one of the first sites to incorporate the listicil, making current events more digest-able for an incredibly busy and on-the-go generation. BuzzFeed attracted a huge fan base of millennials through their engaging content, compelling videos and wise use of social sharing.

Elite Daily

The slogan for Elite Daily is the “Voice of Generation Y.” Elite Daily posts articles that connect with the Millennial generation on a personal level. It steers clear of stock photos (unless they feature Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco) and instead opts for a more accurate portrayal of real life. The site encourages millennial readers to submit pictures of themselves along with original content. Pending the approval process, the contribution could be posted the next day. Talking about implementing a user generated content strategy!


It is no secret that the eCommerce giant is popular among millennials. Why? It brings the shopping experience straight to their couch and give them the ability to compare a wide range of products and brands from one source. Amazon also embraces the innovative mindset by constantly rethinking the status quo. Site benefits, like one click check-out, satisfy the need for instant gratification that is common among millennials and sets the standard for other eCommerce platforms. The company is also constantly thinking about possible innovations like the potential to use drones for specific deliveries.

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