Coming Soon: Millennial Insights Center Powered by Prosper Analytics

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

We are excited to announce that in early January we will be launching our brand new Millennial Insights Center (MIC) platform powered by the research collected from Prosper Analytics, a powerful research analytics agency that brings big data into the hands of market researchers to build actionable go-to-market and business strategy models.

Navigating the constantly changing consumer landscape is tough, even for the most seasoned professional. One wrong move could cost your company millions of dollars. With the MIC, you can access a range of information sources in one easy-to-use platform that will help inform your business decisions and strategic communication plans.

What is the Millennial Insights Center?

The MIC is an advanced, technology-driven tool that integrates hundreds of consumer insights from thousands of various data sets including insights from an ongoing monthly survey of more than 5,000 nationally representative respondents. The data collected offers intelligence on current market behaviors as well as planned behavior in the next 90 days to six months. The insights are also trendable as far back as 2002.

The MIC also explores data collected from the Media Behaviors and Influence Study, a consumer-centric survey of more than 15,000 respondents monitoring how they use and are influenced by more than 30 different media types.

The level of information available and the customizable options offered in our insights center is not available anywhere else.

Using our Millennial Insights Center, you can expect to:

  • Build a holistic view of your Millennial consumers in comparison to other generations
  • Examine shopping behavior at a category level across digital and physical locations and understand the impact ecommerce sites like Amazon and Jet Blue have on Millennial shopping behavior
  • Learn how Millennials are researching online and what platforms they trust most when making a purchase decision
  • Identify the best marketing communication strategy to connect with Millennial consumers

We’ve worked with a range of brands from a variety of business verticals to build their strategic marketing campaigns utilizing the information available in our Millennial Insights Center.

We love sharing our research with our readers, but now it’s time to unlock the gates and allow you to tap into our research, yourselves. We want to share the wealth, not keep it for ourselves!

The Millennial Insights Center will go live on Millennial Marketing in early January. Stay tuned!

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