NEW RESEARCH: Introducing the Pivotal Generation Z

Posted by: Jeff Fromm

We have essential new Barkley/FutureCast research to share regarding the up-and-coming consumer generation: Gen Z.

Our latest report, Getting to Know Gen Z: How the Pivotal Generation is Different From Millennials, explores the behaviors, attitudes and motivations of this elusive group and contains a roadmap for brands to understand the complicated inner-workings of these powerful young consumers coming of age in the post-digital era.

Our major finding? Gen Z is not following in the footsteps of the Millennial Generation.

Our research points to the truth that teens today are pivoting away from common Millennial behaviors and attitudes and are setting new standards that brands must embrace to be successful in the future. Because of this, we are calling them the Pivotal Generation.

We worked with the experts themselves – teens between the ages of 12 and 19 years old – to learn what brands need to know in order to win their love and loyalty. Here’s what they told us:

1. We want to work for our success, not be discovered

2. We believe that equality is non-negotiable

3. We want brands to be real so we can be unique

4. We have our own system of rules and etiquette for how we use social media

Our research insights paint an image of a generation that exists in the tension between traditionalism and non-conformity. This “Pivotal Force” creates a balancing act between traditional ethos and conservative behaviors versus liberal values and radical beliefs. This tension will have a significant impact on the market in years to come.

To get the full scoop on our Gen Z research, be sure to download the full report.


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