Create Content Inspired by Millennial Work Ethic to Unlock Engagement

Posted by: Katie McBeth

Workplace engagement is becoming a buzzword in the business industry. Companies are beginning to discover that employee happiness is the key to achieving results and maintaining profits as it builds their external culture and relevance with consumers. But who is driving this trend?

The answer is Millennials.

Millennials are forcing the hand of many companies to shift their company culture. Management has changed from “being a boss” to “being a mentor,” and workplaces are slowly beginning to build wellness platforms to help their employees stay healthy and happy. Other trends, such as video games in the office and pet-friendly policies, are starting to take off.

Employees of all ages are grateful for this cultural shift, but Millennials are especially thriving in this new approach to business.

After all, they are a new generation of workers. Millennials have successfully fused their work and social life together, forging their career paths into a stepping-stone for personal growth rather than just a path to retirement. They appreciate and stay with the companies that help them grow and cultivate meaningful relationships both inside and outside of the office. They’ve been told by their parents that they should “do what they love” instead of just working to pay the bills when it comes to a job, and they’ve seen the effect a disliked career can have on the lives of those around them.

These changes in mindset are proving to be extremely powerful. The companies that focus on employee happiness are thriving, including tech giants like Google, Intuit and Salesforce.

So, how can your brand utilize this shift to find success with the Millennial generation as your consumer target?

By incorporating your own company culture into marketing campaigns through strategic social media and content marketing.

Unlocking Engagement Potential in Marketing

As natives of the digital age, Millennials have grown to appreciate validation, constructive criticism and instant feedback. They love making an active difference and being recognized for their efforts. They want to be a part of their company’s story. This translates to marketing, as well.

Millennial consumers live in a culture of content. They want to engage with brands, and you can gain their loyalty by engaging directly with them through interactive campaigns. It’s like a currency, where Millennials exchange content with each other and you create that content to increase traffic and grow your base.

By considering the traits that engage them at their work, you can get an idea of how to curate content aimed at them. They love communication, feedback, empowerment (giving them the opportunity to engage and ask questions) and recognition. Sharing their stories, allowing them to interact directly with other loyal fans, and helping them feel like they are a party of the company’s story can create strong relationships between your company and Millennials.

Maryville University notes this in their article on 2016 marketing trends:

Use of digital media platforms allows for a two-way conversation between companies and the consumers purchasing their brands. By engaging people who are talking about the brand, marketers can create a sense of community and inclusion, giving consumers a feeling of ownership in the brand. Digital platforms also allow consumers to express dissatisfaction with a brand, which can be seen as a downside, but negative feedback allows a company the opportunity to respond publicly, demonstrating concern and taking action. Prompt and thoughtful responses to negative feedback can turn customers into loyal brand advocates.

In our social media-driven world, companies have to find ways to engage with their clients and customers directly through content. As Millennials blur the lines of work and life balance, marketers will be able to draw inspiration from the office to create their own successful campaigns. Content is key, and content builds the relationships that Millennials desire. Create an online community, and they will come because just as Millennial employees appreciate being a part of their company’s story, Millennial consumers will enjoy being a part of a brand’s story.

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